Proof is not enough…

Probably the most important reason for the continued existence of feminism, at least in the First World, can be summed up with the dreaded rape statistics. So well known are they amongst anyone who is likely to get as far as reading this post that I won’t even bother to depress myself (or any of my readers) by reciting them here. Today’s news offers another horror story, the details of which can be found here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-17989463

That a 13- year old girl can arrive at a police station PREGNANT and not have her case taken to trial is repugnant beyond words. How much more evidence could they possibly need? Short of someone getting raped in front of the jury, I can’t see how much stronger your case can be than DNA evidence of someone having sex with a girl several years before the legal age of consent.

The promised enquiry into just how this happened is definitely something I will be following with interest


One thought on “Proof is not enough…

  1. This example also demonstrates the necessity of a stronger feminist (and children’s rights) movement in Pakistan, whose culture of patriarchy and widespread practice of sexual enslavement of children (mostly but not exclusively girls, and particularly in tribal areas) has in this case been tragically imported to Oldham and Rochdale. But it turns my stomach that our police service can’t do a better job than this.

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